Cloud Business Phone System

Cloud communication is calling

We understand that good communication is the key to success. Our cloud-based solutions mean that you can access your communication tools from anywhere in the world while controlling cost and improving your customers’ experience.

Give your employees the tools to impress

By providing your business with advanced communications, collaboration and analytic tools, you give employees the opportunity to serve and impress your customers at a higher level.

  • Your have the ability to manage your communications independently on our intuitive and user-friendly platform.
  • Our solutions are deployed extremely fast so your systems have no down time.
  • Overheads are considerably reduced as our cloud-based system eliminates the need for costly hardware installation and upkeep.
  • Expanding opportunities abroad becomes easier than ever with our suite of teleworking tools.
  • Management is centralized and allows for more productive, organized work methods.
  • View your entire company's communication statistics in real time.
  • Boost and track your productivity.


Cloud Business Phone System

Peace of mind

Vocem’s geographically distributed, high-reliable cloud infrastructure ensures 24/7 worldwide accessibility and technical assistance.

Freedon and mobility

You can access all of Vocem’s phone system features anytime and anywhere, giving you the flexibility to manage your company, even on the run.


Whether it is a fax, voicemail, file transfer or call recording, Vocem's management portal allows you to save and route all information wherever and whenever you want.

Unified infrastructure

With Vocem, your offices are linked together and every telephone is connected via the IP network. This centralized communications setup makes internal communications and management easier.