Let your stores do the talking

Your customers are in a shopping mode and ready to buy, it's time for action. Perroquet lets you schedule messages for constant, automatic play in your stores.

Communicate better with your customers

In just minutes, create and play messages live in-store. Whether to create flash promotions, talk up your products, keep customers posted on upcoming promotions and more... Perroquet allows you to communicate better with your customers.

Plan a schedule of messages according to your marketing communications

Stand-alone software that allows you to plan a schedule of messages at variable intervals, fixed and repetitive broadcast in your stores.

  • Any business can benefit from a professional service at low prices and modify its messages and no additional cost.
  • Always be ready to broadcast your information at anytime.
  • You are master of your content, the duration of the message and all changes are unlimited.



Unique Technology

Revolutionary technology, capable of providing promotional and informative marketing messages by natural or technological voices.

Simple to use

Upload messages simply and easily for immediate play or future use.

Proactive and efficient

Plan the distribution of your messages; you are master of the schedule and its frequency.

Multiple locations

The technology allows you to broadcast your messages in multiple locations simultaneously.


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