Create your own message on hold with a direct unlimited web access

Select your free of copyright music, compose your script and choose out one of our virtual voices that will best represent your company. It is a great opportunity to promote, inform or create loyalty to your brand.

Increase your revenues

The "message on hold" marketing has proven it can increase your sales by more than 10 % and thus maximize cross-selling as customers are in the virtual waiting room.

Offer an enriched customer experience

The Slogan Solution allows you to manage your message on hold simply and proactively so you can provide your customer with a more enjoyable, informative and enriched experience.

  • Eliminate third party involved in the production of your messages with an easy to use solution.
  • You can customize proactive advertising for your customers, while on hold. It is a great opportunity to promote, inform or create loyalty to your brand.
  • All companies that have a telephone system can benefit from this innovative and efficient communication solution.
  • Monthly costs incredibly low that will defy all competition.



Unlimited changes

You can modify your messages as often as you like; so be proactive through unlimited changes.

Instant messages

The software is so easy to use that your messages are modified easily and instantly.

Innovative technology

A revolutionary technology which is increasingly popular around the world.

User friendly

User friendly solution with a quick and easy installation.


We offer comprehensive training during installation and an ongoing training program.