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Business phone system, 15 features:

Vocem provides enterprise customers with a cost-effective and technologically advanced alternative to traditional local phone systems. A hosted IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system means that your phone system is hosted within our highly secure, redundant data centers that manage all incoming and outgoing calls directly for each extension in your premises.
With our online administration portal, Studio, you can easily manage your entire phone system with just a few clicks.
Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services will ensure that your customers see you as a high-end supplier. Our team of experts will support you from the outset in configuring your IVR service including welcome messages, number redirection, schedules, and so on.
As call quality is a priority for us, Vocem provides you with the highest performance audio codecs on the market to guarantee unparalleled sound quality for your voice communications.
Make waiting on hold less painful for your callers by providing music while your receptionist directs the call. Select hold music from the list provided by Vocem or choose your own music directly from a computer in MP3 or WAV format.
Configure your IVR to fit around your company’s business hours. Choose a specific message or modify your redirection options based on your company’s business hours so that, whatever time of day you receive the call, your customers will always get an answer.
When you receive a call, you can ensure that one or more phones ring at the same time.
From our online administration interface, Studio, you can retrieve a complete report of all enterprise communications via our reporting and analytics tools.
Vocem allows you to create one or more user profiles.
Vocem allows you to hook up all your hardware, including physical and software-based phones to a single extension number.
This option enables you to dial your contact’s number directly by selecting the contact’s family name or given name directly from your telephone keyboard.
Call monitoring is a feature that allows authorized users to listen in to open calls.
Three options are available:
1) Listen: you can listen to an ongoing phone call without either party hearing you (neither the employee nor the client).
2) Whisper: you can speak to employees to help them manage the call. Only your employee, as opposed to the customer, can hear you.
3) Conversation: you can take part in an ongoing call to facilitate the discussion between the two parties.
Vocem allows authorized users to restrict long-distance and international calls from one or more extensions.
Vocem telephony solutions allow you to make major savings on long-distance calling by allowing your users to make their long distance and international calls via our long-distance gateway instead of their cell phones, resulting in a cost saving.
The charges for Vocem include a facility for you to record calls and preserve the recordings for seven days without any extra charge. You can then review and download the calls as many times as you wish from our online administration portal, Studio.

Secure SIP trunking, 2 features:

SIP trunks allow a direct connection, with no conversion box, from your IP-PBX to Vocem’s voice network over the SIP protocol, allowing phone lines and numbers to be allocated to you from over 67 countries, including in Canada and the United States.
The ability to use Secure SIP Trunks allows you to ensure that all information shared over all your SIP trunks remains secure and confidential thanks to the use of SIP-TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption techniques for signaling alongside SRTP (Secure Real-Time Protocol) for media.

Call Management, 17 features:

With call forwarding, you can forward your calls to any other line, whether internal or external and connected to a mobile, local, or international network.
This service allows you to listen to all the voice mails left on your phones via the online interface or over your cell phone. It also gives you notification of calls received while you’re away from any line. Vocem voice messaging also includes the following features:
1- Custom greetings
2- Optional e-mail or SMS notifications when you receive a new voicemail
Listen to your voicemail from within your e-mail app! You can also receive the voice message as an e-mail attachment in MP3 or WAV format.
Vocem’s FoIP (Fax over IP) service enables you to send and receive faxes by e-mail via our online administration portal, Studio.
The Calls on Hold service means that you never have to miss a call. A tone notifies you when someone is trying to reach you while you’re on another call, allowing you to take a second call without hanging up on the first caller – and to juggle between multiple calls simultaneously.
Are there some callers whom you would prefer to avoid? Do you need to filter a call to be sure you’ll be online for an important customer? With the call filtering function, you have the option to block all calls coming from a particular number. The “do not disturb” feature also allows you to redirect all incoming calls to your voicemail.
By using the call routing function, you can route a call to a variety of different destinations to enhance your response rate. Using our online administration portal, Studio, you can choose to route an incoming call to destinations including a queue, your cell phone, or one of your co-workers.
Users with administrative privileges have access to a complete list of all calls, including incoming and outgoing calls, toll-free numbers and conference calls and can listen to and download call recordings. Users have access to the log and to the details of their calls.
When you receive a call, you can make your phones ring in sequence or have them all ring out at the same time.
The call park feature gives you the option to put a person on hold via a call parking number; i.e., you transfer the person to a dedicated number. You can then call that number from anywhere to carry on the call.
Our online administration portal, Studio, allows you to view and export your organization’s complete statistical logs with just a few clicks!
The presence indication feature is extremely useful. It allows you to see your co-workers’ availability in real time, so that you can see whether your co-worker is in a call, in a meeting, or free before contacting that person directly.
This service allows you to transfer a call directly to one of your co-workers (blind transfer) or to get in touch with the person who will take the call in advance (assisted transfer).
The service notifies you at your desk (via your extension or your computer) of all calls from people who’ve tried to reach you when you’re unavailable, including their phone numbers and the dates and times of any calls.
Users can intercept calls directed to one of their co-workers without leaving their own desks. This feature is very convenient, for instance when you need to answer in place of someone who is momentarily away from his or her desk.
The hot desking feature is especially useful in shared workspaces: it allows you to set any phone as your main phone. This allows you to retrieve your own predefined phone settings, saving you a significant amount of time when you change workspaces.
The Evolved 911 service, or E911, allows you to provide emergency services to people calling 911 from their work phone extensions, whether they’re using physical or virtual phones. The E911 service allows you to direct the emergency services to the exact location of the user who called 911, regardless of whether they’re working at the office or from home.

Phone number availability, 5 features:

Enhance your professional image with a dedicated toll-free number that can be activated in less than ten minutes with no need for any additional hardware or software. When callers dial the number, they will immediately be redirected to the phones that you’ve configured to receive calls to the number.
Enhance your professional image with a dedicated local number that can be activated in less than ten minutes with no need for any additional hardware or software. When callers dial the number, they will immediately be redirected to the phones that you’ve configured to receive calls to the number.
Enhance your professional image with a dedicated international number that can be activated in less than ten minutes with no need for any additional hardware or software. When callers dial the number, they will immediately be redirected to the phones that you’ve configured to receive calls to the number.
Vocem is proud to offer its business IP phone services in North America and over 67 countries worldwide.
If you’d like to keep your existing business phone number, Vocem can port (i.e. transfer) it for you, giving you access to the full range of evolved telephony features without even having to change your number.

Customization options, 5 features:

Access to your entire enterprise directory (and the contact creation and editing tools) from Studio, our online administration portal.
This feature allows you to choose the name and number that you want to display to the call recipient.
Need a little discretion? This feature allows you to display your number to the call recipient, or hide it if you prefer.
The “find-me, follow-me” feature allows you to redirect calls that you would have otherwise missed to your extension or several external numbers such as your cell phone or home number, while retaining the option to accept or reject the calls after callers identify themselves by speaking. In addition, rejected or unanswered calls go to your work voicemail and not to your cell phone!
The “distinctive ring tones” function allows you to assign a unique ring tone to each new phone number recorded on your existing phone line.

Contact center, 7 features:

Smart call queues allow you to manage several incoming calls at once, to put your callers on hold and to distribute calls among agents in a pre-defined order. Users can be grouped in the same menu option or via a virtual extension for customer services, accounts or sales, etc.
By using personalized calling queues, you can achieve a high degree of configurability.
Access real-time updates on the performance of your call queues via our call queue dashboard tool.
The agent performance dashboard will help you have a clear view of the productivity of all your call center' agents
By using the agent presence and status tool, you can clearly see at any time the number of agents available in your call center as well as their status.
By using the agent supervision tool, your authorized users will have access to a range of highly developed features that enable them to configure and manage your entire call center operation with an intuitive interface that only needs a few clicks.
With our online administrative portal, Studio, you can access the complete range of statistics covering your call center at any time, allowing you to generate reports on any period that you wish, then export them to CSV or Excel files with just a few clicks.

Collaboration, 9 features:

Vocem’s business text messaging service over SMS allows you to send and receive messages to and from your personal contacts as well as your customers.
Our collaborative working application is compatible with most operating systems including Windows, MacOS and Linux.
It’s never been quicker to create or join an audio conference with your staff or customers! With Vocem’s audio conferencing solution, all you do is take your office phone or cell phone, dial the conference number and enter the confirmation code to start or joint an audio conference.
Vocem’s collaborative working application allows you to chat online with your co-workers in real time as well as providing an overview of their availability and presence. You’ve never been closer to achieving the full potential of collaborative working!
Quickly share files with your team using Vocem’s collaborative working application.
When it comes to sharing ideas with co-workers, screen sharing is the ideal tool. By using Vocem’s screen sharing function, you can quickly share your screen with any of your team members or customers.
By integrating the MS Outlook address book and calendar, Vocem allows you to automatically synchronize your Outlook contacts and schedule with the Vocem collaborative working tool, saving you significant time.
By integrating MacOS X’s contacts, Vocem allows you to automatically synchronize your MacOS X contacts with the Vocem collaborative working tool.
It’s never been simpler to create or join a videoconference with your co-workers or customers! With Vocem’s online videoconferencing solution, you can chat online and share your screen with your colleagues and external participants or customers alike.

Mobility, 1 feature:

Vocem’s mobile collaborative working app enables you to make and receive calls or chat with your co-workers and customers via business text messaging over SMS. With Vocem, you can be confident in your mobility.

CRM/ERP integration, 3 features:

Through the integration of NetSuite with Vocem’s API, you can improve your productivity by directly accessing advanced telephony features from your preferred CRM/ERP solution.
Through the integration of Zurmo with Vocem’s API, you can improve your productivity by directly accessing advanced telephony features from your preferred CRM solution.
Through the integration of Salesforce with Vocem’s API, you can improve your productivity by directly accessing advanced telephony features from your preferred CRM solution.